Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Sublime Text 2: Browser Preview on Windows system

Sublime Text2 ist one of the fastest text editor and excellent for software develpment, also for web development or web design (e.g. writing HTML-code). It's very simple to preview your HTML-file in your favorite web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox). Before you can do this, you must configure Sublime Text 2:

1. Create a new "Build System" in menu Tools

2. Write the following Code snippet:

    "cmd": ["c:\\eigeneProgramme\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe",  "$file"]  

3. Save the Build system file as, e.g. preview_firefox.sublime-build.

4. Start Sublime Text 2 one again, open your file, e.g. "index.html" and enter CTRL+B.

Voila, you should see the result in Firefox Browser!

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